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Girls' Association Course Relaxing 2 hours Course + 3590 yen with unlimited drinks

3590 yen

  • 8items
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All-you-can-drink available

Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

All you can drink is 120 minutes, our favorite cuisine · wine up to 5200 yen is 3590 yen! How about women's girls course drinks all you can get from 3 people.(There are surprises for customers using birthdays, anniversaries, etc.!) Please do not forget coupons! It will be from 3/1 to 2 hours.Depending on the season, there are changes in the menu, but we will inform you in advance.All you can drink!

Course menu

Main dish: (Cheese Calbi / Cheese Taccarbie) selected in

Helan salad

Kimchi set

Namul set

Chijimi (Seafood, Kimchi, 1 item in Nira selection)


Risotto type fried rice

Dessert (Korean style oyster ice - Pubbins)

Plus + all-you-can-drink slash makgeolli, wine (bottle), draft beer, various sours & highs, various soft drinks

※ If you use the birthday, you can bring in the cake.There is also a surprise event from the store, so please inform us in advance.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Suntory Premium Malts
· Lemon Sour / Apple Sour / Calpis Sour / Grape Sour / Momo Sour / Pear Sour / Grapefruit Sour
· Oolong Hi / Corn High
· Carlo Rossi California red AND white
· Makgeoli
· Muscat Slash Makgeoli / Apple Mango Slash Makgeolli
·Soft drink
· Coke / cider / orange juice / pear juice / ginger ale / oolong tea / corn tea / yuzu tea

2018/10/21 update